About Us

Welcome to Albone. We are a family run Jewellers in South London that specialises in fine watches and diamond jewellery. We offer some of the finest brands on the market at very competitive prices. Our ability to offer fantastic customer service is of great importance to us. Our goal is not to make a sale but to create a rapport with our customers so that they feel happy to purchase from us regularly and recommend their friends. This is our main goal and is something that our company strives for. We have over 30 years’ experience and are extremely passionate about what we do and the fantastic service we provide.

We realise that the demand for quality jewellery and watches online is vast so we have decided to launch our own website. However, competition is also vast and so when choosing to purchase online you must be certain of who you are buying from. There are many online sellers who do not have a physical shop. I have found from my experience that customers much prefer the fact that they can come down to our store and view their desired item, try it on and make their purchase. I feel that this has been paramount to our recent success with our online business as there is no anxiety of waiting for a package to arrive worth thousands of pounds.

It is very important that before you decide to purchase anything online you do your research and make sure that all of your questions are fully answered. Below we have some more information about our company. Thank you for visiting our site.


I have personally owned my shop in Croydon, South London since 2003 and have experienced a great deal in that time. I have made some great friends with my customers over the years who continue to purchase from me regularly. In that time the jewellery and watch business has changed dramatically and like so many other businesses has become more online orientated. We realise that when deciding to make a purchase online trust is absolutely essential. We have been selling on eBay since 2010 and we believe that our feedback is all one needs to see in order to determine whether or not we are a trustworthy company. We have 100% feedback with eBay and all of which are real comments from real customers which cannot be faked. Furthermore you can actually contact these people through the eBay system and ask them what their experience was like with the seller. It is for that reason that we do not have a testimonial page as this is easily manipulated by the owner of the site. Ebay however is not! How many times have you seen a website that reads ‘amazing company, highly recommend’ from John in London? It just does not stack up in my estimation. Building trust online is very difficult to do properly but also very easy to fake but it is something that we have managed to achieve. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. 

Click on our ebay store now to see for yourself.