Which is the best website to buy watches online?

Nowadays, it's very common for people to buy a watch online, where you can benefit from competitive prices and a great range of choice. If you've decided to go down this route, you may wonder which is the best website to buy watches online?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on what kind of watch you want! If you're looking for a sports watch, a website selling classic, traditional timepieces might not be up your street, and vice versa. Or, if you want to buy an Omega watch, you won't find what you're looking for if you go to a site that only sells Cartier watches, for example.

In order to ascertain which is the best website to buy watches online you first need to decide what it is you want from a watch. Consider aspects such as the brand, whether you want a watch to wear daily or for special occasions, or for investment purposes only. Are you looking for something brand new or are you happy to plump for a pre-owned model? Is the aftercare service important to you, and do you want to buy from an online store that also has a bricks-and-mortar shop?

Once you've got the answers to all of these questions and more, you can narrow down options to find the best website to buy watches online to suit your unique demands and preferences. Bear in mind, a website that someone else thinks is the best for watches might not be the right one for you.

Even when you do find a site that appears to fit the bill nicely, it pays to do a bit more digging around to ensure that it's 100% legitimate. Take a good look around the website and read the product information as well as the terms and conditions, paying particular attention to the warranty and returns policy. Is the site an authorised dealer of your chosen brand, and does it come with recommendations or industry accreditations?

Remember that the best website to buy watches online isn't necessarily the one with the cheapest prices, so don't base your decision on this factor alone. In fact, very cheap prices might suggest that the watch isn't a genuine model. You might find it worthwhile paying that extra bit more on a website that you completely trust and offers a good customer aftercare service.