Where to buy gold jewellery in UK?

Fashion trends may come and go, but when it comes to buying gold jewellery, this is one area that remains eternally popular. Gold jewellery works well when combined with any outfit and always looks the part for any occasion. Whether you're looking to buy a pair of gold earrings or a gold ring, finding the best place to buy gold jewellery will be key to your decision-making. So, where should you buy gold jewellery in UK?

Research your options

There are many places where you could buy gold jewellery, so browse the different options by researching retailers online. Many well-known high street jewellers sell gold jewellery, but if you are looking for something a bit different, or a wider choice of options, you might prefer to buy from a specialist gold jewellery store or an independent retailer.

Always choose a retailer that you trust 100%. Read customer reviews about a store to get a flavour of what kind of service and product you can expect, and ask for recommendations. Most people will have bought gold jewellery at some point or other, so you should be able to garner a few opinions from friends or family to help make an informed decision.

A trustworthy and respected gold jewellery retailer will also come with industry credentials or be members of relevant trade associations, so have a look for these on a retailer's website.

If you're looking to buy gold jewellery, Albone makes a great choice. As well as being authorised and regulated by the FCA, the jeweller's is a Chrono24 Trusted Seller since 2014 and offers 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee. As an independent store, you'll also find a varied and unique selection of gold jewellery.

Choose a knowledgeable retailer

When you decide to buy gold jewellery, there are lots of things to consider, and as well as the style of jewellery you want to buy, you'll need to weigh up the purity of the gold, or carat. 24 carat is 100% gold, whereas 18 carat refers to 75% pure gold and the remaining part is alloy. The larger the carat, the more pure gold the jewellery has, and, therefore, the more valuable it is.

A knowledgeable retailer should be able to talk you through the different properties of gold jewellery so you can understand exactly what you are buying. Bear in mind, that some retail assistants may be trained predominantly in sales, rather than having in-depth jewellery knowledge, so if knowing exactly what you're buying is important to you, the best place to buy gold jewellery is one where knowledge is prioritised over sales commissions.

Albone has over 30 years of experience, so has amassed a wide range of knowledge over the years for those seeking to buy gold jewellery.

Buying gold jewellery online

More and more people choose to buy gold jewellery online, so when you research where to buy this type of jewellery, you should not rule out this option. When you buy gold jewellery online, you can often find a much wider choice than in a physical store, and since online retailers don't have the same overhead costs as bricks-and-mortar stores, they can afford to keep their prices competitive. It does pay to be cautious, however, if you go down the online route, as it's not as easy to verify who you're buying from, or if the gold jewellery is genuine. Again, it all comes down to trust, so only hand your money over to an online retailer who you're totally confident is legitimate.

When you buy gold jewellery online, you can't visually inspect it, so get as much information as you can about an item, including its carat, weight, size and hallmarking. A reputable online retailer should readily supply this information as well as include lots of photos of the gold jewellery at different angles.

Many online jewellery stores also have a physical store, so this is a good option if you want to make your purchase over the internet but have the backing of visiting a store in person if you need any further information about the care or maintenance of your gold jewellery.

Albone provides detailed descriptions of the gold jewellery it sells, together with a number of photographs so you can clearly see the item. When you buy gold jewellery online from Albone, it's reassuring to know that this family-run jewellery business also has a bricks-and-mortar store.