Where to buy authentic watches online?

When you've set your heart on buying a Rolex or Tag Heuer watch, the last thing you'll want is to discover you've bought a fake. Any watch buyer looking for the real deal will be keen to suss out where they can buy authentic watches online.

Without actually physically inspecting a watch with the naked eye, you can't tell if a watch is genuine by looking at a photo of it on an online store, but there are a few things you should consider to increase the likelihood that the watch you're thinking of buying is authentic.

When it comes to deciding where to buy authentic watches online, choose a site that is an authorized dealer of a particular brand and comes with relevant industry credentials or regulations. Visit the watch manufacturer's website to find out if they give information on any stockists.

Always read the small print on a website so you'll know what you get when you buy your watch. To ensure authenticity, your watch should come with a valid certificate and its original documents. Check the product specification and description of the watch and ensure that it matches the information given on the manufacturer's website. If there are any discrepancies or ambiguities, be wary. At the very least, contact the seller to get further clarification, and if this doesn't leave you satisfied, move on to a more transparent and trustworthy online retailer.

When you're looking to buy authentic watches online, check the retailer's terms and conditions. In particular, scrutinize information regarding the warranty of the watch and the returns policy if you aren't satisfied when the watch arrives. That way, if you don't believe the watch is genuine, you can at least attempt to get your money back.

There are many well-established online retailers who sell authentic watches, so it's a good idea to choose one that has a solid reputation that you can trust. Customer reviews are always helpful when you want to buy authentic watches online, but don't just rely on those reviews left on a retailer's website as they might not be real. Seek external review sites or visit retailers such as eBay to get an impartial flavour.

A watch seller that has been in business for a long time and has a wealth of experience is likely to have enjoyed longevity by establishing a good reputation, which means their watches are probably authentic.