Spoil your mum this Mother's Day with a beautiful watch

Mother's Day is almost upon us, so sons and daughters across the land will be seeking out the perfect gift to shower upon their beloved mum. Whilst most mums will be happy to receive a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, these gifts are not exactly the most unique ideas to show how much you appreciate your mum.

 If you really want to make your mum feel special this Mother's Day, consider buying her a watch. This makes for an incredibly meaningful gift that she can cherish long after flowers have wilted or chocolates have been scoffed. If you're stumped for watching buying ideas, here are some tips to lighten up your mum's face this Mother's Day.

Don't leave it too late

There are lots of considerations to make when buying a watch, particularly for somebody else, so start looking into your options as soon as you can. If you leave it to the last minute, you might end up panic buying, and not getting the right type of watch for your mum.

Consider styles

One of the biggest factors to weigh up when buying a watch for Mother's Day is what type or style of watch your mum would like. It would seem a shame to go to a lot of effort of buying a watch without thinking this aspect through, so to make sure your mum ends up wearing and enjoying the watch, buy one that suits her style and personality.

If your mum enjoys active pursuits, consider getting her a sporty or practical type of watch. Functionality will probably be a higher priority than looks, so go for aspects such as large dials, a smooth bezel and useful features, like a chronograph. On the other hand, if she enjoys going out for meals or to the theatre, an attractive dress watch with gemstones will prove to be the perfect accessory. Or maybe you think your mum would prefer a watch that she can wear for every day use, in which case, a casual, all-rounder wristwatch would make the ideal choice.

If your mum already has a watch that she wears for a particular occasion, choose one that compliments this. If she owns a casual watch for daily wear, opt for a dress watch for evenings out or formal events, or vice versa. Simple differences, such as selecting a smooth bezel or gem-set bezel, can also define how and when your mum will wear her watch.

There are many styles of ladies watches to choose from, so whether you decide upon a dainty, traditional type of watch with gemstones or a chunky, modern timepiece with a metal band, make sure that it is in keeping with your mum's fashion and taste preferences. Take a peek inside her jewellery box or wardrobe to get a flavour of her style influences, or enlist help and opinions from other family members.

Individual characteristics

Think about your mum's physical characteristics and pick out a watch that is proportionate to these. Pale skin suits light coloured watches, whilst darker skin complements black or bold coloured watches. If in doubt, stick to neutral colours such as silver and gold for bands and dials, which are universally appealing for any wearer.

If your mum is tall, consider a watch that has a wide band, whilst a petite mum will better suit a smaller watch with a thinner band. Don't pick a bold, brash watch if your mum is shy and introvert, whilst mums with a quirky or eclectic fashion sense may not prefer a classic, traditional style of watch.


As well as the style of watch, think about what kind of wristband your mum might like. A good option for increasing versatility of the watch you buy is to pick one with interchangeable bands, so they can be altered according to different settings. A leather band, for example, is perfect for a casual, everyday look, whilst switching to a metal, bracelet band can create a more formal and elegant feel for an evening occasion. If your mum wears perfume on her wrists, choose a wristband such as rubber, which is durable, easy to clean and won't get damaged by scents.

Some people may be sensitive to different metals or materials, so before buying a watch for your mum this Mother's Day, find out if your mum suffers from any skin allergies or irritations, so that you don't end up buying something that may not be suitable for her to wear.

If you're not sure on the size of your mum's wrist, choose a watch with a wristband that can be easily adjusted. This is usually no problem with leather or rubber wristbands that have holes in them to suit different wrist sizes, but if you choose a metal band with links, go for one on the bigger rather than smaller side. If a metal wristband with links is too big, it's much simpler and cheaper to get links removed, rather than having them added on, if the band is too small.

Watch brands

There are lots of different brands of watches to choose from, so pick one that you think your mum would like and fits in with your budget. A quality brand of watch, such as Rolex, TAG Heuer, Bulgari, Patek Philippe or Hublot, will last much longer than a cheaper version, and your mum will no doubt appreciate the sentiment of receiving a luxury watch this Mother's Day. If you buy a pre-owned luxury watch from a reputable jeweller, such as Albone, you may be surprised to discover that a top quality watch is within your budget.

Not sure which brands to go for? Whilst there are plenty of beautiful timepieces your mum will adore, you're guaranteed to get the seal of approval with watches such as the TAG Heuer Aquaracer, Hublot Big Bang Broderie, Cartier Santos or Tank, Omega Ladymatic, Rolex Lady Datejust or Pearlmaster and Panerai Radiomir.