TAG Heuer unveils new watch faces

When luxury Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer unleashed its new smartwatch - TAG Heuer Connected - in November last year, it was met with much anticipation. Hot on the heels of its release, TAG Heuer continues to showcase its innovative streak, with its latest development of personalised watch faces, as part of the Connected collection.

About the Connected smartwatch

As TAG Heuer's first foray into the smartwatch arena, feedback and sales have been positive so far.

Made using brushed titanium, the watch is a comfortable 12.8mm thick and weighs a super light 52gs. Its external edge is made from a black, titanium bezel with anti-fingerprint coating, and large three-dimensional numbers. A practical, rubber strap is available in various colours, and a handy brushed titanium button on the side of the watch allows for easy control.

Although the Connected watch is based on Android technology, it's also compatible with iOS. It features a 1.6GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of storage and an LCD display screen of 1.5 inches, with a 360x360 resolution, creating a pixel density of 240ppi. It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a battery power that last for around 25 hours.

There are a wide range of features and functions on the smartwatch, with compatibility to over 4,000 apps. If you want to get your hands on the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch, the current retail price is £1,100. The watch comes with a two-year warranty, where you can then trade it in for a mechanical TAG Heuer watch, if desired.

TAG Heuer keeps on innovating

TAG Heuer doesn't appear to let grass grow under its feet when it comes to innovation. No sooner has it launched the Connected smartwatch, it begins to make headline news once again. This time, the Swiss brand is grabbing attention for its exclusive collaboration with a number of its well-known ambassadors, resulting in personalised watch faces for the Connected watch.

Famous faces

News began to trickle through at the beginning of January that TAG Heuer had worked with three famous names in sport - American footballer Tom Brady, basketball star Jeremy Lin and baseball pro Giancarlo Stanton - to create groundbreaking personalised Connected watch faces.

Not long after, TAG Heuer then revealed that a bevy of other high profile names in sport and music were also part of this exclusive collaboration, including footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, golfer Jessica Korda, surfer Kai Lenny, tennis player Kei Nishikori, as well as musicians David Guetta, Nervo Sisters and G.E.M.

TAG Heuer's CEO and President of the LVMH Watch Division, Jean-Claude Biver worked with each of the stars to design a watch face that represented their unique character, as well as developing a personalised watch face of his own. In total, TAG Heuer has created 11 new personalised watch faces for the Connected smartwatch, with talk of potentially producing more in the upcoming future.

Teaming up of top names in sport with luxury Swiss watchmakers is by no means new, with many of today's big global sporting events and stars being sponsored by upmarket watch brands. Luxury watch manufacturers believe that being associated with elite sport stars represents and reinforces shared brand ethos and values of being at the top of their game, striving to be the best and providing world-class performance.

TAG Heuer's motto of 'don't crack under pressure' certainly fits in well with the ethos of the champions of sport and music, who are represented as ambassadors of the brand, with this watch face collaboration.

Owning a new watch face

If you want to get hold of one of the new watch faces, as of 20 January 2016, they are available exclusively to Connected watch owners, through the TAG Heuer Connected app on Google Play Store.

The new personalised watch faces are very distinct from the original Connected watch, with its classic design and colours. But, if you're looking for something unique that adds a bold sense of fun and styling to your watch, whilst letting you associate with your favourite sports star or musician, the innovative watch faces will hold lots of appeal. Which face should you choose?

Tom Brady

Sticking to a simple yet classic style, Tom Brady's design of watch face is black with white hands, an enlarged 12 numeral and a striped line down the side. He has also personalised the watch with his name.

Jeremy Lin

Arguably the most extravagant of the watch faces, Jeremy Lin has incorporated a Chinese dragon, striking colours and intricate hand details into his design.

Giancarlo Stanton

Using cooling tones of grey, black and white, with an enlarged 27 covering the face, Giancarlo Stanton decided to include white hands and his own signature to complete the design details.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Football fans will appreciate the striking green background with connected shapes and silhouetted image, reminiscent of the sport. The watch bears the name and signature of Cristiano Ronaldo, together with CR7.

Jessica Korda

Golfer Jessica Korda has chosen a pretty, feminine elephant design with colourful flower patterns, a pale background and signature for her watch face.

Kai Lenny

Surfer Kai Lenny sticks to basics with his surf-inspired design. Numerals are represented by individual sharks teeth.

Kei Nishikori

Tennis star Kei Nishikori has incorporated bright hues on the watch face representing the petals of a flower. Black hands and signature, and a white seconds hand, also feature.

David Guetta

With a black background, distinctive green wave, fluorescent pink hands and signature, the design by music guru David Guetta is hip, innovative and ultra contemporary.

Nervo Sisters

Bold and quirky, the caricature design by the Nervo Sisters will appeal to those looking for a watch face that stands out from the crowd.


A black background with a pale pink heart cut by a black heart line and white hands make this design by G.E.M especially eye-catching.

Jean-Claude Biver

With a feminine pink background, hearts and flowers and all you need is LOVE quotation, this watch face oozes the feel-good factor.