Jewellery buying tips for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it's time to focus on romantic gestures to make your beloved's heart swoon. Forget chocolates and flowers, and instead turn your attention to jewellery. A stunning piece of jewellery makes for a long-lasting gift to treasure, a true symbol of love and romance that will endure.

Although buying jewellery for Valentine's Day is always a winning choice, picking the perfect piece for your partner can prove to be a minefield. Here are some top tips to follow to win your partner's heart over this Valentine's Day, and beyond.

A unique gift

If you're looking for a unique piece of jewellery to reflect the endless love you feel for someone, put some effort into purchasing an item that stands out from the crowd. Your partner won't want to be wearing the same jewellery as everyone else, so avoid shopping at high street chains, where you'll probably be limited by choice and styles. There are lots of small, independent jewellery stores around, such as Albone, selling unique items of jewellery at competitive prices, so if you want your partner to feel special, don't focus on the ubiquitous high street jewellery chains.

Avoid last minute shopping

Don't leave it until the last minute to buy jewellery as a gift this Valentine's Day. The later you leave it, the higher the risk of not finding what you want as stores have sold out, so shop as early as you can to avoid disappointment. If you leave it to the last minute, you're also more pressed for time, and may make a snap decision on your purchase, which could prove the wrong choice. Take time to ponder over your options, and look for jewellery that suits your partner to perfection. Have some ideas in your mind of the kinds and styles of jewellery that your partner already likes and wears, so that you can pick out something similar. If you do get it wrong, keep the receipt and ask about a store's returns policy if your partner decides to exchange the item for something different.

Seek advice

It's not always an easy task buying jewellery for a partner, especially if you're in the early stages of a romance and still getting to know each other, or if you have never bought jewellery for someone else before. When looking at your options, speak to expert staff in jewellery stores to get advice and ideas on what to buy. Store staff will have the knowledge to provide you with impartial information that should help make buying easier.

Buying a ring

With so many beautiful styles of rings to choose from, this seems like the obvious choice of gift for Valentine's Day, but do be cautious. If you're already married, buying a ring is straightforward, but if you and your partner have not yet talked about getting married, beware that if you buy a ring for Valentine's Day, it might send out the wrong message. Unless you plan to propose on Valentine's Day, think carefully about buying a ring as a gift for Valentine's Day.

Of course, if you are intending to propose on this most romantic day of the year, you'll need to spend quite a bit of time selecting an engagement ring with care. There's more to think about than buying a ring for any other occasion.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

If you're stuck for ideas this Valentine's Day, you can't go too far wrong with buying diamonds for your beloved. A stunning diamond pendant will add elegance and style to any outfit, and can be worn for any occasion, whilst a simple yet sophisticated diamond bracelet oozes charm and chic appeal. For a classic choice that every recipient will love, no matter what her tastes, age or style preferences, a pair of diamond stud earrings will get the thumbs up every time.

Heart-shaped diamonds

Hearts are the obvious shape for any Valentine's Day gift, and whilst a heart-shaped diamond pendant or bracelet with heart charm are favourite choices for this day of love, you don't necessarily need to stick to the hearts theme to indulge in a romantic gesture. Other shapes of diamond are particularly feminine and attractive, and can make for eye-catching alternatives to the traditional heart shape. Jewellery with three stones can also be a great option for Valentine's Day. Each stone is said to represent the past, present and future, which can be symbolic of a relationship, and a thoughtful declaration of love.

Buying for him

With so much emphasis on buying for her on Valentine's Day, it can often be tricky knowing what to buy for him. Many men's gifts veer towards the gimmicky or novelty side, but if you don't want your love to be seen as a joke, opt for an enduring symbol of your affection to be taken seriously. A simple pair of silver cufflinks makes for a pleasing gift, or if you want to push the boat out and show how much you really care, a classic timepiece from a Swiss manufacturer will be more than well received, and always enjoys outstanding, long-lasting appeal.

The real deal

There's nothing more likely to kill romance than to discover your Valentine's Day jewellery gift is a fake. If you want romance to flourish beyond 14 February, only purchase jewellery from a reputable supplier, preferably one that has been recommended to you by friends or family.

Be wary of buying jewellery online from unknown sources, especially if they don't have an actual store that you can visit, or if they offer prices that seem too good to be true. Don't just rely on online reviews that have been written about a jewellery store, either, as this is no guarantee of accuracy. This is especially important if you're planning to buy a valuable item of jewellery. Always ask for certification of your jewellery, and when viewing it in store, look for markings or hallmarks. Happy Valentine's Day!